Optical Sight PO 4*24 P AK-47/AK-103

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PО 4х24P is designated for targeting of automatic small arms at aimed fire at day time and in the twilight with reticle illumination. It is efficient at aiming and observation of the well camouflaged targets at medium and large distances. It can be mounted on G36, FN submachine guns, pistols, machine guns of series MP5, М-16 rifles of all modifications and G3 which have a seat – a guide strip “Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913″, as well as by means of transition brackets it is possible to mount them on АК47, АК74 and its modifications, RRК , RК machine guns and their modifications. It is recommended for installation on Minimi machine gun. At will of the customer the sight can be equipped with various kinds of aiming reticles.

  • Visible magnification, ratio: 4
  • Angular field of view, deg.: 12
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm: 6
  • Eye relief, mm: 42
  • Eyepiece diopter adjustment range, dptr., min.: ±4
  • Elevation/azimuth adjustment range, ang. deg., min.: ±1
  • Adjustment step:
    • elevation, cm/m: 3/100
    • azimuth, cm/m: 1/100
  • Reticle:
    • Lateral correction scale factor, thousandth: 0-01
    • Lateral correction range, thousandth: ±0-10
  • Power source: 1хАА
  • Overall dimensions of the sight, mm, max: 186х82х78
  • Weight with a power source, kg., max: 0,6

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