TSS Custom Saiga-12 HALO 12 GA 19″


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Introducing Texas Shooter’s Supply “Saigo Halo” custom rifle. This semi-automatic gun has been created for high tactical performance, precision and come in attractive Texas Shooter’s Supply parts combination, so you can shoot with style. This is a custom build semi-auto 12GA rifle based of the Russian SAIGA-M rifle. That means Texas Shooter’s Supply has taken the basic SAIGA down to the barrel and receiver, and totally rebuilt it using hi-end quality parts and components. individually refined, honed, tuned, and balanced to create ultimate tactical performance.
This Texas Shooter’s Supply Saiga Halo rifle is easy to maintain and suitable for any level shooter.

Additional information


12 gauge



Gas system

piston driven


profile: Heavy

Barrel length


Barrel threat

22×0.75, RH

Barrel twist


Muzzle devise

Raptor II


1.5 mm., forged, stamped, steel


3 lbs


6-position, low recoil, sidefold


ergonomic, tactical


9.8 lbs


lifetime, limited

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