TSS AKS-74 U Krinkov 5.45×39 Tactical


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Introducing Texas Shooter’s Supply AK-74 U Krinkov Tactical rifle. This is a fun semi-automatic build by Texas Shooter’s Supply in versatile and handy 5.45 caliber.  The 5.45×39 mm. is the best example of relatively small-sized, lightweight, high-velocity military service cartridges. It is believed that this bullet was designed to tumble in flesh to increase wounding potential and offers way better penetration over (fragmenting) military 5.56×45 mm. NATO rounds.

This gun is suitable for home defense, vehicle/RV protection and recreational weekend shooting range fun. This gun is definitely a very reliable, powerful and comfortable pistol to shoot and surely will make a good addition to your firearm collection.

This Texas Shooter’s Supply AK-74 U Krinkov Tactical rifle is easy to maintain and suitable for any level shooter.

The AK-74 was designed by А.D. Kryakushin’s group under the design supervision of Mikhail Kalashnikov and is an adaptation of the 7.62×39mm AKM assault rifle and features several important design improvements. These improvements were primarily the result of converting the rifle to the intermediate-caliber high velocity 5.45×39mm cartridge. Compared to the preceding AKM the AK-74 has better effective range, firing accuracy (a main development goal) and reliability. The AK-74 and AKM share an approximate 50% parts commonality (interchangeable most often are pins, springs and screws).

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5.45 x 39

Gas system

piston driven




TSS Nodak


chrome lined, US manufacturing

Barrel length


Barrel twist


Muzzle devise

Barrel extension (fake suppressor)


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8 lbs.


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