TSS Reaper II AR Rifle .50 Beowulf Caliber


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Texas Shooter’s Supply would like to introduce our newly designed and well-tested muzzle brakes available in almost any caliber. The device has been made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum which allows to keep the weight down without decreasing the performance and durability. Texas Shooter’s Supply Reaper II muzzle brake will dramatically reduce recok and muzzle rise which will allow increase the accuracy and will keep you on target without any reduction in velocity. This accessory has a great safety fixture  360 Gas Pattern. It will keep the gas blow away from the shooter.

Material 4140 Steel Melonite Gauge .50 Beowulf
Available Color Black, FDE Thread 49/64 – 20
Firearm AR Fixture Breacher
Length 4 3/4″ Diameter 1 1/4″