Warranty and Pricing Statement

All prices are subject to change without notice. Texas Shooters Supply extends no warranty and is not responsible for any damages due to failure of used products. All products sold as is including Foreign Made optics, Used parts, ammo and all firearms. We suggest having a certified gunsmith inspect, install and/or test all used parts and firearms before use. Owner’s manuals are not provided with all firearms. Most all new products are fully warranted by the manufacturer and product repairs or exchange should be arranged with these manufacturers only.

Texas Shooters Supply Provides Warranty for all Manufactured Items by TSS.

Please note that our limited warranty is valid for the terms indicated for each part from purchase date and covers only the original purchaser and assumes the product is properly cared for, maintained and operated.

The warranty will be considered void if:

Firearm or any part was modified or tampered with from its original design
Replacing factory parts with non-approved parts
Use of improper magazine or ammunition
Adjustments, repairs or modifications not consistent with original design and assembly
Miss use or improper use.
Normal wear and tear and cosmetic defects.
All repairs must be done by TSS only.
We do not authorized any other companies to provide repairs or replacement off any major parts.
If customer decides to change major parts and it would be done by other company, TSS wont be liable for any surcharges.