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Sean Cody, Attorney and Counselor at Law:

Sean Cody, and the Law Office of Sean Cody has been preparing NFA trusts for clients since 2005.  Sean Cody is an avid defender of the Second Amendment and has been collecting firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act since 2001.  He is also a Managing Member of S & M arms, LLC, a licensed dealer and manufacturer of title I and II weapons in Houston, TX.  Sean cody is intimately familiar with the acquisition, possession, ownership, manufacture and sale of Items that are regulated by the National Firearms Act and Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code. ​

Sean Cody is an attorney licensed in the state of Texas since 1998.


Sean Cody prepares Texas NFA Firearms Trust in Houston and across the state of Texas!

Sean Cody Texas NFA Trust

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