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AR Platform

Service Description
Lower receiver build  -Click here-
 Upper receiver build  -Click here-
 Barrel threading  -Click here-
 Barrel crowning  -Click here-
 Low profile gasblock installation  -Click here-
 Optics sighting  -Click here-
 Rifle cleaning  -Click here-



 AK Platform

Service Description

Custom Build:

AK 47/74, AKM, AKS, Underfolder AK/AKM, AK ASRs, RPKs, PSL-54S,

AKS-74U “Krinkov”,

Saiga 223/5.45/7.62×39/.308/.12 ga,

Vepr 223/5.45/7.62×39/.308/7.62x54R/.12 ga

-Click here-
Barrel installation and headspace -Click here-
Venom tactical or TSS Custom gasblock with integrated sights installation -Click here-
AK sighting -Click here-
Bullet guide installation -Click here-
AK 100 series sidefolder and front sight/gasblock installation -Click here-
Left charging handle relocation -Click here-
Barrel treading -Click here-
Crowning -Click here-



1911 Platform

Service Description
 Custom build -Click here-
 Match grade -Click here-
 Ramp polishing -Click here-
 Trigger job -Click here-
 Night sights installation -Click here-



Mosin Platform

Service Description
Cut/thread/crown  -Click here-
Scope bore sighting  -Click here-
Bolt headspace and fitting  -Click here-
Timmney trigger installation on the original factory woodstock  -Click here-
Archangel stock installation  -Click here-
Competition bend bolt  -Click here-
Bend the bolts R.S.  -Click here-
Rock solid mount installation  -Click here-
Russian side mount installation  -Click here-


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