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Hydrographics is a method of applying printed designs to 3D surfaces. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. The origin of water transfer printing process derived from the Japanese marbling techniques such as suminagashi. But in hydrographics instead of ink the special water-solvable polyvinyl film is used, on which the desired image has been printed. The film is carefully placed on the water’s surface in the dipping tank. The clear film is water soluble, and dissolves after applying an activator solution.Once dipping has begun, the surface tension of the water will allow the pattern to curve and transfer the image on and around any 3D shape. Than any remaining residue is rinsed off thoroughly and allowed to dry. In firearm industry for the most part the item is primed, painted (or clear-coated) prior to the hydrographic printing process and clear-coated again to achieve longevity and durability of the finish. TSS uses CeraKote clear coat on all our custom hydrographic finishes to insure the supreme durability.

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