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Free Glock 19 to one lucky person! Participate at Texas Shooter’s Supply event!

Event date: 04/06-2017
Texas Shooter’s Supply wants to increase the mailing list for our Weekly Newsletter by 10K recipients. We are giving away Gen 4 Glock 19 to a one lucky participant. The future owner will be selected randomly the second our mailing list hits 10K. To participate at our event you just need to go on our website and sign for the TSS Newsletter. Emails will be checked so no double or faulty entries can be created. Glock is for free, but you still pay shipping and the transferring fee to your local dealer.
*** You have to be 21 to own a gun and please remember to check your local gun regulation laws.




Independence Day online sale

Event date: 07/03-07/04/2017

To celebrate the Independence Day Texas Shooters Supply is offering 10% off on all online purchases.

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