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New California Ammo Regs for 2018

The ammo regs are part of a flurry of new gun control rules — including those enacted as part of Proposition 63 — that cover a variety of bases, including how gun owners can store their firearms and to whom they may be borrowed.

One new rule, which takes effect in January 2018, mandates that Californians who purchase ammunition online or through catalogs must ship their ammunition through a licensed dealer — not directly to their home or business. State residents must also undergo a background check when buying ammunition, and anyone who sells ammunition will need to obtain an “ammunition vendor license.”

I’m in California. Can I buy ammunition online or from your catalog?

Yes, but we can’t ship it to your home any more starting Jan. 1.
You can still buy online or from our catalog, but you now have to ship ammunition first to a licensed vendor who can charge you a processing fee.

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